Psalm 127:1 - "Except the Lord build the house, they labour in vain that build it...".

A Bit About Us

As parents, we're sure you've noticed how difficult it can be to maintain a healthy, happy family. Keeping up with your children's education and social experiences while maintaining employment and adult relationships is no easy feat. Numerous external forces are working trying to keep the family apart.

That's where Faith Family Camp comes in. Our goal is to help build, or rebuild, the very fabric of the family. Maintaining the family becomes much easier when we learn to work together, support one another, and understand what God has planned for us.

Our three-day, two-night camps will provide opportunities to learn and grow, both as a family and as individuals in the family. We have classes, games, team-building exercises, and services to show you how to support each other and to learn about the Creator of the family.

We encourage you to watch our video that explains more about what we intend to offer, how you can help Faith Family Camp, and how Faith Family Camp can help you and your family.

Pray With Us for the Future of this Camp!

Faith Family Camp, Inc. became an entity on April 11, 2022.
We have big goals and need your prayer!

Our 2024 Goals

  • Community Support - 5,000 families to give a one-time $6 gift
  • Purchase Land
  • Run Day Camps with hosting churches and organizations until our land and facilities are ready